SGRBD crossover meme Picture

its a shadow-game of the red-eyes b. dragon crossover meme.

the first character: ogopogo (my vividred operation, senki zesshou symphogear, mutantsGG OC): he's a undead fisherman who transform a half loch ness monster half amargasaurus named sea monster, cure beauty and cure moonlight 's enemy

2. miki sayaka (madoka magica): he's save madoka to kirsten but hitomi steal to sayaka, kamijo kyosuke, and for oktavia von seckendorff transform

3. gilgamesh (final fantasy 5): he 's a mesopotamia mythology, I attack with, because I playing the final fantasy.

4. raviel(yugioh): he 's blue sacred beast who tributing 3 fiend-type monster.
anubis 's enemy.

5. aoki reika-cure beauty(precure): he's defend marchland to bad end kingdom.

6. mata nui(bionicle): as stormer, he 's destroy the makutas.

7. gandolpus(mutants genetic gladiators): he 's a myth-saber genetic mutant, he i have because playing the mutants genetic gladiators

just ogopogo is my character, the rest by others
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