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Mythological and Magical creatures compendium of Sfarsitul.
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+ Mythological Creature Entry

+ Danger Classification

+ Characteristics
Multiple varying skin colors: natural colors, varying on the type of Dryad and the tree/ plant they originate from.
Secondary plant like covering that mimics the usefulness of clothing, usually made from barks, leaves, flowers/ petals, or vines.
Hair color: natural colors, varying on the type of Dryad and the tree/ plant they originate from.
Eyes: varying shades of greens, no visible pupil.


It is unknown where Dryad can be located. However rumors and myths have pointed to the possibility that they may be located on the Western Continent. Unfortunately, due to Extreme Hazardous Danger warnings, any and all travel is forbidden and not to be attempted.


+Abilities (Note-Each ability varies with the differing Dryads subspecies*
Control over plant matter, manipulating living plants, and plants of their original tree species comes with a greater access of control, over dead and other plants.
Increased magical ability.
Increased physical ability.
Able to gain energy and sustenance from plants directly.
Gain energy from sunlight.
Gain information from plants, stronger control and ability with plants of original tree species.
High regeneration and healing ability, and explicit knowledge of plants.
Very adept at camouflage.

+Reproduction and life cycle
-Dryads are born from Soul Trees. (Note-Soul trees are a Dryads half soul)
-Physically mature after 25-30 years
-Mentally mature after 20 years
-Once born, a seed begins to develop at the center of their sternum. As the Dryad grows older the seed grows to the size of a Walnut.
-After 60 years the Dryad choose a safe and fertile environment for the seed to grow. The next 30 years is spent tending and helping the tree grow strong. During those 30 years, the Dryad cannot leave the vicinity (around 20 miles) of the tree for fear of risking damage to the Dryad's and the tree's souls. After those 30 years, the Dryad is able to leave the vicinity of the tree.
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