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Proma; god of the forge. Creator. Child of Chaos and Destruction. God of fire. Liar and trickster. Ally of the gods and total ass-hole at times. Shape-changer. Fruit-loop with a silly accent. Laughing at your misfortune because he can.

Originally he allied with the gods in the time before time and gave them weapons and armor to defeat his dickish brothers, the other fire-titans. They slew the demon of destruction and the dragon of chaos, his father and mother respectively. And then built the world.
Proma is technically mortal, as he is fond of reminding them whenever he feels he's being picked on. But he's timeless. He came into being as an adult and he does not age, but he can be slain.
After a long time of his hijinks and shenanigans (including making humans for shits and giggles and letting them loose on the pristine earth and then equipping them with fire) the gods got sick of him and held a trial. He'd managed to piss off or betray every single one who would have defended him and was sentenced to life imprisonment deep within the earth, chained upside-down to a rock.
The gods brought a human to be the court stenographer. "The devil's Trial" comes to be regarded as an excellent collection of ancient myths, as each god tells a story about how they were wronged by Proma and he counters with a story of how he helped the gods. It contains well over 2 dozen tales.
In modern times, his name has become synonymous with 'devil', which he's much offended by.

It's made from a base by Daruma-chan 123 [link]
This is his god form. He has a fire-titan form and a mortal form he uses when shlepping around with his beloved creations.
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