Yin and Yang Picture

Life and death are not opposites, the Angel and the Devil not enemies. They are twins.

I've been wanting to do something like this and I've decided to name them Yin and Yang. They're going to be a combination of all kinds of angel/devil myths, chinese, biblical, greek and whatever else I can get my hands on.

I'm going to be tearing apart a couple things in the bible, religious people beware. I'm pretty damn sure that if this is going to be a cartoon/comic that it's somewhat canon. Not necessarily obvious, but we'll see where it goes.

Yin - Yin is basically 'God' or whatever positive force there is in the universe. Yin is both Earth and Water, the healing elements. His personification is how (in literal translation) God is described in the Judeo-Christian bible. There are a lot of things I have to back this up with, so dare I say, hes kind of an obnoxious, semi-narcissistic yuppie type guy who WILL (without shame) share his poetry with the rest of the world and loves that people listen with such intensity. He is god, isn't he?

Yang - Yang is considered the Devil, Satan or darker forces. Unfortunately, he's somewhat misunderstood. Because he's the opposite of God, this does NOT by any means mean he's evil. He's just very ambitious, as he's the carrier or wind and fire, the two elements associated with destruction. He's easily carried away and gets caught up with himself. No, he does not enjoy watching a human being whipped to death. Well, not necessarily. Let's just say his sense of right and wrong are a little hazy sometimes.

Yin and Yang are not opposites, infact, far from it. They're very similar. Both as old as earth themselves, neither extremely compassionate towards humans (More of playthings, yes?) and both somewhat self absorbed. They'll develop more though time. Keep watching me! You'll see more.
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