The Rainbow Unipiglet - A Mystic Piggie Picture

“The piggie culture (spelt ‘piggie’ to differentiate from Piggy) is a deep one. Its mythology and legends go far back in time, so much so, that they are said to describe the birth of time itself. The creatures that inhabit this ancient world of mystery and magic are called *Mystics*…”

Unipiggies are a legendary and fantastical family of piggies. Their chief distinguishing feature is a large, pointed, spiralling horn that projects from their foreheads. Throughout the ages unipiggies have been commonly credited with the power to render poisoned apples edible and to heal sickness. Unipiggies are thought to be a symbol of purity and grace.

There are however many misconceptions about unipiggies... (To read more about the unipiglet myths click here, the link will take you to my website

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