Greek Goddess Athena Minerva Picture

Here's a piece that gave me trouble from the start. First off if you look very closely at the lower legs of Athena and my autograph, you'll notice that there is a fine line that runs horizontal all the way through all 3 of them. Well it used to, I corrected most of this on the computer. That was the "second" mistake, I had to literally draw Athena on 2 separate sheets of paper, and if it doesn't make things any worse the shading was pretty decent up until I got to the lower legs when I suddenly realized that the dried on excess Elmer's glue had made it almost impossible to get the shading to match up so, the coloring became yuck. The "first" mistake was when I envisioned what this piece would look like before penciling her in at 11:00 at night and she ended up being in a completely different position in fact angle then what I intended. It also didn't help the fact that I pulled an alnighter to finish penciling her in. I wanted draw the right side/ back side of her instead and I wanted to draw her looking like she was fighting someone in front her from that angle. It never worked. I "was" also going to draw an awesome background but because, the position and angle was all wrong, I was stumped on how to finish her, stupid artist's block so, all I did was draw a shadow and left the rest blank. My scanner is stupid, it made her look very pail instead of normal. All in all, it took me about 3-4 weeks to finish this picture of Athena. Even though she gave me trouble from the start, I still enjoyed drawing her besides, this is the best shading I had ever done on any of my art. If you don't like it, tough this one is staying here.

Ignore all of that crap, this is old artwork from a little over 4 years ago, if you are even one bit impressed with this piece then you haven't taken a good look at this meme: Athena' by Deorse, Apr 17, 2014 in Traditional Art > Other" data-super-img="" data-super-width="751" data-super-height="1063" data-super-transparent="false" data-super-full-img="" data-super-full-width="1024" data-super-full-height="1449">
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