Thor sketch Picture

this is for a story concept I've been working on. a version of our earth where every apocalypse ever conceived, in every religion and mythology occurs all at once. Some of these events happen as they were foretold, others don't. This cataclysm causes a rift in the fabric of space and forms a portal, letting lose every mythical god and creature invented by man, and even some that have yet to be discovered! the dregs of man kind fight for survival on the skeleton of earth. Thor is a survivor of Ragnarok, the apocalypse of norse mythology(by the way, Thor was supposed to die in Ragnarok! ;D) being a young and rebellious god, Thor decides to live among the humans instead of ruling them, partying and dabbling in black marketeering and leading a gang of bikers known as "the Hammer". I wanted to distinguish my version of Thor from his more well known marvel incarnation, both visually and in terms of his personality. This version is much more in line with his portrayal in the myths, he's much more of a wild card, un-predictable and ruthless, but ultimately somewhat fair, he's destructive and dangerous but has the best of intentions. I based his facial features on the actors Charlie Hunnam(Sons of Anarchy) and Nicolaj Coster-Waldau(Game of Thrones).
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