Amphithere Naga Picture

Amphitheres or Feathered Serpents are sometimes classified as Dragons, because of the Feather wings and crests they have.
Personally I believe them to be of the Greater Serpents like the Basilisk because of their mythological connotation and the fact they are commonly known as "Feathered Serpents" and were depicted as serpents, not dragons, by the Mesoamerican cultures that created/saw them.
Thought to be Quetzalcoatl himself, his avatar or the inspiration for Quetzalcoatl's serpent form, the feathered Serpent is richly depicted throughout the sculpture and relief of Aztec and Mayan architecture and art.

Theres a bit of history behind the inspiration behind this picture. I've always been fond of Aztec myths and so have adapted one of their featured gods, Quetzalcoatl. Since she's based off a deity, I've given her magical power.

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Art is mine. No stealies.
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