Aswang Picture

A - is for Aswang

Philippine Mythological Creature: Aswang
February 2007
by: Anton Daniel T. de la Cruz (~cadmus-g / ~GlueMeSundae / ~divisoria)

The Aswang is perhaps the most famous Philippine mythological creature. The aswang is a ghoul or vampire, an eater of the dead, and a lycanth.

Aswangs can change from a human to an animal form, usually as a bat, a pig or a black dog. Some aswangs can change form at will, others through the use of foul oils concocted by evil magicians. Aswangs appear at night to prey upon unwary travellers or sleeping people. It is said that they have a peculiar liking for the taste of human liver. The myth of the Aswang is popular in the Visayas, especially in provinces such as Capiz, Antique, and Iloilo.

Aswang by cadmus-g© is an original artwork composition made by, Anton Daniel T. de la Cruz (aka ~cadmus-g) for the year 2005. This work is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED internationally. Any unauthorized use of this image/visual will result in immediate legal action. You are advised to contact the copyright holder directly for any use of this image.
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