Skull Pile Picture

Digital camera, the skulls are actually a candle holder base, setting on a mirror, I ran it through a lighting filter in Adobe.

The Celts in particular were worshippers of the head. There have been many archaeological finds from the Iron Age to suggest that this is so, from skull shrines to the plethora of carved stone heads. The tradition has also been passed down in the Celtic Myths, from Bran's sacred head to the beheading motif found in Cu Chulainn and other folklore.

The Bryn Gwyn, the White Hill, Tower of London

This ancient and sacred site is said to have been the burial site of Bran's Head. As Bran was the crow god in Celtic mythology, the Raven's in the Tower are all that remains of the worship of the sacred head of Bran. It was thought that as long as Bran's Head was buried in the White Hill facing France, Britain would always be safe from invasion.
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