Ancient nordic gods Picture

This was something I doodled away at during my time studiyng at an artschool about half a year ago. It's supposed to be three of the gods from ancient nordic mythologi, or at least it's my version of them. From left to right we first have Freya who was said to be the fairest woman in whole Valhall ( the gods realm), in the middle stands Oden who more or less was the greatest god of them all and also known as the wisest ( He had to sacrifice his right eye to gain his wisdom), and on the far right we have Loke who was known to be rather two faced and the cause of much trouble for the other gods.

I'll have to say that I'm not that deep into the history of the ancient nordic myths so if anyone feels that I've written some terribly wrong facts in here, please feel free to correct me on them
As always constructive criticism is always appreciated.
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