Hades, Pluto and Oranges Picture

Hello. ^^ This is sort of an art dump, yeah? What I really wanted to put up was the Hades-Pluto comic.
The who-who comic, you say? Yeah, well.... basically, Hades and Pluto are bastardized versions of the gods from greek / roman mythology, originally created for the purpose of a Hetalia rp. After all, the realm of Hades is totally a country!
Anyways... Hades is the gloomy personality who does all of the unglamourous, paperwork-filled job of being lord of the underworld. and Pluto... well, Pluto is his repressed cheery, fashion-conscious, and somewhat spastic side.
.... yeah.
The 'not blonde' comment is a reference to something that happened in my head about a year back... Pluto and Hades had been inactive for a while, I was trying to think on what could bring them back to the foreground, Pluto busts into my head like Hades's study here and announces with a shout: "HADES!!! I DYED MY HAIR BLONDE!!!!" (his hair is originally the red you see here).
.... and that was the first time I realized my characters move on their own rather than listen to me. ^^

The chibis in the corner are my hermaphrodite, Mikan, as both male and female versions. He can change his gender at will, but it takes time. His day job is being a female J-pop star, stage name Miki. ^^ More on him later this month.

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