Raganrok - Sailor Gerd Picture

I like this one's hair too ^^

This is Gerd, the wife of Freyr (the main fertility God in Norse mythology).
Freyr wanted to marry her because she was the most beautiful he had ever seen. He sent his servant to tell her so and she refused. After the servant threatened her life, she agreed to marry Freyr.

Now Gerd is part of the Vanir, not the Aesir (Freyr is Aesir). So you know, in Norse mythology the Vanir are originally a group of wild nature and fertility gods and goddesses, the sworn enemies of the warrior gods of the Aesir. So needless to say their union was less than a perfect match.

Gerd now holds a big @$$ grudge against him, so she's kinda on the side of evil (so to speak).

Her rune Nauthiz (which is a rune she represents) means "poverty, hardship, responsibility, discontent, obstacle, frustration ", which, as you can see, describes her very well ^^v

Getting past all the myth stuff, Gerd is a nature goddess, so I went with nature-y colors. A burnt orange, pale dark green, and sky blue
Sailor Gerd (c) moi!
BSSM (c) Naoko Takeuchi-sensei
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