The possessor of fire Picture

This was a request from my six year old cousin. Some kind of fire demon. I did my best.

The so called possessor of fire... to many it's just a mythological being from who fell into an erupting volcano on shervas isle and survived awoken again 800 years later when the mountains had split apart.
From what our records have spoken, this so called "Possessor" of the element fire, have never really been seen. To some he's the god who controls the sparkling flames, to others he's a fairytale. No one really knows. Rumors say he still excist, others say not.

"And the second anyone doubt or underastimate my force of destruction, therefor shall of taught be incinerated and join the mere ashes of what they truly are, shall their descendants forever remember my wrath if disobeyed..."

From: -01 "Myths and Legends" - s:21
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