Hanashi no Yokai Picture

Celestial will have a brand new booklet somewhere around september with a variety of stories. The theme we chose this time was 'yokai'.

Yokai are Japanese mythological monsters and ghosts. A lot of times they are connected to horror stories, but that doesn't mean that the're all dangerous.
Inspired by these urban myths, our artists will tell different tales with a special attention to these creepy creatures.

This will be the debut for both Lemmo and Ysa, though they both already contributed illustrations for our first booklet, Legendary Dreams. Apart from that we also have a new guest artist, who will make a short story.

The name of this new booklet will be 'Hanasi no Yokai', which means so much as 'tales of yokai' of 'tales by yokai'. This is a small preview of what's to come~
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