Influence Meme Picture

1. Hayley Westenra. I aspire to one day sing as well as her
2. Laurie Halse Anderson. Her books are amazing, and true to life, and I aspire to do the same thing with my books
3. Friends. They inspire me to be more than what I once was.
4.A funny picture of the abomination that is Stephenie Meyer. I just love this picture, and Smeyer inspires me to become a better writer than her.
5. Stage actresses. I admire them, because like them, I dream of being on Broadway
6. Love.. Love inspires me to be a better person every day
7. Mythology. I LOVE it so much. It inspires me to make the world of my series complex, and unique.
8. Fantasy. For the same reason as above. It also allows me to be more imaginative.
9. VAmpires. As those of you who have read parts of my books before know, I love vampires. There are so many myths about them around the world. These myths inspire me to be creative when making a new creature, or adding to an exsisting mythos.
10. MY IMMORTAl.. Yes just like with Stephenie Meyer, BAd fanfiction inspires me to become a better writer.
11. My emotions.
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