How the World Came to Exist Picture

"My myth includes the ideas of equality, respect, and freedom to think as you wish. The humans of my Earth learn quickly that by being separated and shunning others they can not live peaceful lives (which is their main goal). They accept everyone despite their differences in look or mind. The expectation I had for them was to not discriminate or stereotype, as seen when the brights and darks joined together. I also kept Rem from interacting with the Humans directly because I wanted them to be able to have the freedom to think of their own ideas about creation. They don't have to believe in a god if they don't want to. Along with these ideas, I also hit on the subject of helping each other and the Earth. The living thing that is essential is plants, for without plants they'd all die, so they learn to farm and care for the Earth. In their community, everyone would do their part and help each other out."
- Explanation Paragraph

My creation myth we had to write for Mythology! How is it?
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