Hephaestus 1 Picture

One of seven pages of glorious, glorious modernized Hephaestus.
(Well, maybe not glorious.)

I love mythology so much! Right now I'm on a big myth kick. I have a cool idea, but it may or may not get finished. I usually have trouble getting past the planning phase. Aaaanyway, this is the first drawing I did of Hephaestus. It's not that great since he's not ugly enough, but since then I've made him a little worse-looking. He's pretty much my favorite god because he's perfected the art of not being a huge tool.

Since the orginal seven pages on my computer, I've drawn about 16 more, for a total of 23 pages, counting fronts and backs. And I haven't drawn any full pages of Hephaestus today, but I drew more. He's just too fun to draw - I think it's his nose.
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