Gryffindor Class of 2013 Picture

My Mythology class which is also an English Honors class has a month where we celebrate Jk Rowling's writing and use of literary devices and myths in her series Harry Potter while learning Norse Mythology. In the beginning we took a accurate sorting quiz based off of the British number personality quiz that Jk used to create the houses. I was sorted into Gryffindor being my highest score. My second was Ravenclaw, third was Hufflepuff and Slytherine fourth being the least likely for me.
In class we sit with our housemates and vote on prefect ect. After throughout the month we compete for house points which are tallied up once a week during our special HP days were we can dress up and drink Butter Beer and other treats from the series and earn even more points by doing this and we could also bring artwork. This picture is what I did for the occasion; a drawing of every Gryffindor in my group. I'm the one with the black hair.
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