Bordeaux, Sasha, Harelquin... Picture

I am proud of the work I do for Etsy, but as I post it there, I often forget that it, in an of itself, is work that others might like to see.

Therefore, should it please you all, I will post collections of images as the work is posted there, allowing it to be seen here in a condensed format.

This round of additions features;

- The Little Purple Unicorn; a shy, but loyal companion.

- Fantasy Skull Beads - Greek Myths; The skulls of great mythological half-men half-beasts.

- Harlequin the Shell Dragon; A stalwart grump.

- Bordeaux the Shell Dragon; A theatrical outgoing fellow.

- Sasha the Shell Dragon; A prima-donna.

You can see more on all of these creations in my Etsy store and gallery here; [link] where they are all up for sale as well.

I will be adding more soon, and will post when those pieces are ready to show!
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