Some Jotnar 2 Picture

Continuing with my dumb Norse myth/MCU stuff.

Býleistr is the eldest son of Laufey and Fárbauti and brother of Loki and Helblindi. He's a Bergrisi in the MCU.

Váli and Narfi are the sons of Loki and Sigyn (and my precious bbys). Váli is the eldest by four-ish years. They're both adorable little shits and I love them lots (even if they make me very sad sometimes). Black haired!Narfi is MCU verse because Marvel!Loki is a non-ginger loser.

Myth!Laufey/MCU!Fárbauti (??? I guess?) is the mother of Býleistr, Helblindi, and Loki and wife of Myth!Fárbauti. She is much closer to her younger sons especially Helblindi. MCU!Fárbauti was forced to bare MCU!Laufey heirs. Býleistr was the only one MCU!Laufey found acceptable and Helblindi and Loki were thrown out. Helblindi was found and saved by some Hrímþursar from MCU!Fárbauti's village while Loki was found by Odin (which ended up working out just wonderfully for the both of them). MCU!Fárbauti escapes sometime after Loki's birth and returns home to Helblindi.

Myth!Fárbauti is the father of Býleistr, Helblindi, and Loki and husband of Myth!Laufey.
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