Dragons of Earth Picture

Here's a preview of one of the pose sets that I'm working on. This specif dragon just kind of popped into my head out of no where and was just one of those ideas I had to get down. xD This was an initial idea, so I might play around with the designs a bit more, not sure. I kinda like the way they look, but then I feel like I can do a little more to them.

About The Creature
So I'm calling these "Earth dragons" (for lack of a better name X'D). Like the name suggest, these dragons live on the ground and do not have wings because they would have no use for them. The use their large claws to dig holes in both the ground, they use them to climb and they can dig through rock. They live in small caves that they carve out of the side of mountains using their claws, and their main diet consist of small rodents, insects and anything smaller than them or anything they can catch. These dragons can breathe fire, but they don't use it often. They mainly use their claws to defend themselves. These dragons are pretty small compared to others. They're social creatures and family orientated. They will usually appear in herds of any number between 3 to maybe 12 dragons at the most. Their spikes on their neck, back and tail are mainly just for display. Their skin appears smooth, but they do have scales, they're just really small.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see more dragons like these, or just more dragons in general? I'm starting to really like playing around with dragons and just reptiles in general. ;D


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