PANTS wip Picture

WIP of one of my school paintings. I'm really digging the painting on found objects thusfar.

Why on pants?
copied from facebook-
not quick answer:

1: mythologies have been recorded on animal skins pretty much as long as there have been animal skins and human-relatives to transcribe myth. We modern humans now wear our various mythologies on our clothes, along with personal symbols, etc. Those are our new people skins. So, I am painting mythologies from all times onto our new people skins. because yay literalism. (also because using actual people skins would probably get me arrested.)

2: I get lightly teased for wearing paint. When i'm painting, i wipe my brushes on my clothes instead of a cloth. this is mostly unintentional, but i don't take extra steps to stop it because i'm proud of what i do. I like wearing painty pants. so it's a natural growth of that to actually paint on pants, even though you can't wear it. (precidents include: last semester's project where i cut up some clothing in ways similar to how you cut to skin a deer, and hunt it on the wall like an animal skin itself; and my tendencies to paint on my bags.)

3: I'm proud of where i've come from, and what i've earned. I feel like paying homage to that fact by seeking alternative painting surfaces, found objects, etc. sort of similar to the idea of painting mythologies on clothing as people skins. This is painting mythologies on things which are around me, and frequently discarded. (and added fun challenge, becuase each object presents it's own challenges for composition)
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