Journal 2 -- Scarab Picture

This is one of the pages for my myth final, the project I've been working on for a while. What I did was make a journal as if written by an ancient adventurer traveling through the world, meeting many mythological creatures along the way. Some of the pages have drawings, and I'll be scanning all of these pages.

This is the page describing him meeting the holy Scarab.

The writing says:
"Blindly wandering through this accursed desert, running low on sustenance of any sort, I came across a small town by a large, grand river. Rushing to the town, I was kindly greeted by the people of this strange land. Only a scant few understood Greek, but with their help, I was able to explain why I had arrived in their town and where I was going. I was taken to a small inn and given a room, and since I had no money, I was told to work in the nearby tavern until I was ready to leave.
I took a visit to the riverside today and discovered a small creature of most unusual persuasion. A small beetle, approximately the size of my thumb, crawled upon my shoulder, where it decided to rest. Unthinkingly, I brushed the creature off of my shoulder and it fell upon the ground. The moment that it did, I heard a woman’s scream – she had seen what I had done, and ran off to the town. She returned with guards who informed me that the beetle I had injured (a scarab), was a holy creature to these people, and usually bringing it injury would result in a serious punishment. However, the townspeople liked me, and they knew I did not know any better. So, after a long discussion, they decided to bring me to the city where their King resides, so as to decide what to do with me."
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