Bounty Hunter Chronicles: Skolli and 'Jormungand' Picture

"My name doesn't matter and what I do, well that depends on how much you're willing to pay me. But I will tell you this; if your name finds it's way onto my list, praying to whatever god you serve will not save you. I am a bounty hunter and I NEVER fail.
Skolli is my most effective weapon. His jaws can crush bone but I use conventional ones too. That too, depends upon my employer."

Ok, text isn't great. This is a story idea I had yesterday & loved it. Yes, that is a Norðlægur Björn Hundur & no, you can't have one like that. Sorry. Skolli (Icelandic for Demon) is a one off for this story. I will be changing his paws though.) The Bounty Hunter doesn't have a name but the list by his side are some of the many names he is known by, which are: Surt ( a Germanic fire god associated with Loki), Hymir (a dark frost giant), Mjollnir (the name of Thor's hammer), The Hammer, Jormungand (the world serpent and son of Loki), Grendel (sea monster that Beowulf killed) and Ragnarok (the predestined end of the Aesir gods and the world according to Norse myth). Who got a new book on Norse mythology?? I did!!!!

I don't know if I'll really make this a book or not. My thoughts at the moment are possibly a series of short stories but it won't be for quite a while yet anyways. We'll see.

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Human was done completely without reference (I NEED my manga books!!!) I love Skolli though.
I know I owe people art but I needed to do this. I had to put down my other rat yesterday and I'm feeling.... actually I don't really know what I'm feeling. It doesn't help that Jordan isn't here at the moment. I needed to do something for me. I hope you can all understand but I promise you, I am working on it.

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Norðlægur Björn Hundur, & everything belongs to me. Don't steal, etc, etc. thanks
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