Yla Picture

A Norse OC ^^
She's half jotun half light elf, her mother, a jotun, fell in love with a light elf but they couldn't make it work they were too different. So they broke up and the jotun mother travelled to asgard looking for a job. She became a servant but had no time for her young child and eventually she grew frustrated and left the now 3 years old Yla in the woods.
Freki and Geri found her a few days later and took her to Odin. She was injured and half starved so he took her to eir to be healed and when Eir heard about the child's situation she offered to take her in as an apprentice.
Yla was well looked after but she always found herself returning to the woods. Eir taught her to Identify healing plants and would send her out to fetch them a lot so Yla was happy and was given plenty of free time.
She got to know Freki and Geri and became very fond of the wild animals. All the other children in asgard decided she was a freak and she got into fights a lot and was pretty lonely.
Then one day Loki got drunk and admitted he was the one that killed Baldr. The Aesir locked him up and Nana, driven mad by grief, turned Vali into a wolf and made him kill his own brother so they could use his entrails to bind loki.
Vali was left and a derranged wolf untill Forseti and Eir found him and restored his sanity. With Loki and Sigyn gone they decided to adopt the troubled 17 year old.
And then Yla and Vali met and fell in love and always looked out for each other ^^

Basically wanted to try and give poor Vali a happy ending cos in the myths it never actually says what happens to Vali after they turned him into a wolf and made him kill Narfi. (stupid mean Aesir)

Going to put this one in scraps cos she's not in the mythology and is just one I added for my own amusement ^^
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