Lorelei - Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke Contest Entry Picture

This is my entry for ShadeofShinon's contest, which you can find here: shadeofshinon.deviantart.com/a…

We were asked, for this contest, to reinterpret one of the members on Nessa's team as one of our favorite myths. So, I took the elegant songstress, Solveig the Altaria, and reinterpreted her here as Lorelei from Germanic mythology.

There are a few different versions of the Lorelei myth, but this picture is based more on the 1824 poem, Die Lorelei. In it, Lorelei sits on a tall rock overlooking the deepest part of the Rhine River, enchanting sailors with her beautiful golden hair and singing voice and causing them to crash on the rocks and drown.

One of my favorite versions of this myth is the 1981 song Lorelei, by Dschinghis Khan. Here's a link to it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xWNgZJPe7k

I took that legend and drew Solveig on top of the cliff, her hair blowing in the breeze and her voice floating over the river. I'm really proud of how ths one turned out. The shading especially I think turned out really nice.

Solveig (c) ShadeofShinon
Art (c) Lightningthief9
Pokemon (c) Nintendo and Game Freak
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