Dream Cat Picture

This is a "meh" picture. I started out real excited about it, but it went downhill once I started those floaty orbs. First srrounded them with black pencil but for some reason my black prisma is bitchy and its color boogers like to smear, so I switched to marker and... it's just messy. And overall the lighting doesn't match up or work. Ah well, the cat's cute. Made it up about three years ago though its looks have been altered and tweaked.

EDIT: dude, my comrade kyx (the ebi person) did a huge favor for me by darkening this image with photoshop. Thank you so much man! It looks more like the original... I've looked at my scanner settings and there's no way to properly adjust contrast. I owe 'im a lot. Here's the original, no stealing: [link]
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