Selkie-coloured Picture

Whew! THAT took forever and a day.
Finally finished with this and I'm happy with it for the most part. Once I got it scanned, I touched it up digitally to smoothen things out. I work with pencil crayons and I'm still working on getting everything look smooth. With small surfaces its easier but with larger ones like the Sky it was much harder to do. So as an attempt to worm my way out of not making the sky seamless- all those specks? Yeah, those are stars.

And now- For what a Selkie IS!
The Selkie are sea fae of Celtic myth. When wearing the skins of seals they appear just like one, though when they wish to come on land to enjoy the moonlight, they shed their skins and appear humanoid. They're often portrayed as elves with utterly black eyes or very streamlined humans with black eyes.
To roam among the humans, they will hide their skins. Should someone come across one, the Selkie is bound to said person until the skin is returned. There are a handful of stories about this, some end well... and some don't.
Frankly if I were to ever find a Selkie skin, I would leave it well alone and be plenty content to keep the secret of having spotted one to begin with.
Enjoy folks!

Done with Prisma Pencil crayons
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