Flame of Knowledge Picture

This is the last of my art projects for the semester. The theme for this assignment was to interpret the story of Prometheus in a way that was relevant to the artist individually. While I was interested in the myth itself, the idea of Prometheus' fire representing knowledge was what really struck me, especially when I thought of the lack of fire — darkness — representing a chaotic ignorance.

That got me thinking about the European Dark Ages, which then led me to thinking about St. Patrick bringing Christianity to Ireland, and establishing with it monasteries in which monks copied down famous texts and gained an education. In some ways, you could then consider St. Patrick a real-life Prometheus.

I stole some artistic influence from the Book of Kells, which I saw over the summer. The Book of Kells was created centuries after St. Patrick died, but I still consider it to be another representation of preserving education in the chaotic time of the Viking invasions.

What you unfortunately can't see in this photograph is one of the coolest parts of the piece — the frame, St. Patrick, the hill he's on, and the people below have all been cut out on separate pieces of paper, and (with the help of some foam mounting squares
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