Power Rangers Neo-Chtylok Picture

This is a picture of a character from my Marvel/Power Rangers/TMNT fanfiction story world.

This is a picture of a monster called the Chtylok, or the
Che-K'n Kau, a horrible monster from the savage land right out of the mythology of the Fall People that KLazar leads. Despite it's rather comical hybrid nature, having the front end that appears to be a vicious and carnivorous chicken with clawed arms, while its back half resembles a bull with a lashing tail.
The Chtylok was at first thought to be nothing but a myth, a cautionary tale that warned the Fall People not to leave the warm confines of the Savage Land and enter the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, as legend stated that Chtylok would devour any Fall Person foolish enough to leave. Legend also said that one day, the Chtylok would save the Savage Land from calamity, citing it as one of it's Savage Protectors.
When the mutated dinosaur man known as Stegron began to use the Savage Land as a base to wage war against humanity on behalf of an alien entity known as Demogorge, using powerful gems possessed by the Dino Thunder Power Rangers, the Legend proved to true, as the Chtylok awakened and began to rampage across the Savage Land, eventually coming into conflict with both Stegron's forces and the Dino Thunder Power Rangers. In the long run, Chtylok destroyed a reactor built by Stegron's forces that was in the process of overloaded, saving the Savage Land from certain destruction.
After that, the Chytlok seemed to disappear, and only occasionally appeared again. Some witnesses say it returned during the final assault on the forces of the Demogorge, but that is unconfirmed. Legends do say that if the Savage Land was ever threatened again, the Chytlok will return to protect it.

The Chyrlok's origins is unknown, though it is predicted that it could have been a genetic experiment created by aliens that once called the Savage Land home, or a descendant of such a creature. It is clearly more than just a cross between a chicken and a cow, as the creature possesses strength and durability above almost any other living creature.

Despite it's comical appearance, the Chtylok is a vicious opponent, with a powerful piercing beak, vicious talons, and a tail covered in sharp quill-like hairs. It's strength is unmatched, and can go toe to toe with the Hulk and not be phased, able to take and survive a brutal beating from an entity with Hulk like Strength.

The Chtlok, or
the Che-K'n Kau, was a monster from the pages of a Spider-Man mini-series set in the Savage Land. The monster awakened and primarily fought the Hulk when it took over Monster Isle and frightened all other monsters off the isle into Florida, fighting with the Hulk when he came to investigate, engaging in a fight with the Hulk that took them all the way back to the Savage Land, before emerging from the ground and creating a crater, and then getting attacked by a troop of Dinosaurs under the control of Stegron. Like the Prophecy predicted, the Chtylok did save the Savage Land, as the crater it made when it fought with the Hulk drained away Flood Water released by the Roxxon oil corporation created by artificially melted ice, meant to flood the Savage Land so they could then mine for rich oil deposits under the Savage Land. The Chytlok made one last appearance, devouring the Roxxon executive that orchestrated the flooding as he fled from SHIELD custody, before finally returning to sleep in the subterranean caverns below the Savage Land.

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