Freyja's feather coat Picture

This is already an older one, but I just realized I hadn't posted this here.

A bit of a background practice, and at the moment I had a huge obsession to people with bird wings. In the Edda, a poem called Thrymskviða tells a story of how Thor lost his hammer and dressed as Freyja with Loki as his serving-maid to get it back, maybe you have heard of it. Earlier in the story, though, Loki borrows Freyja's coat to fly to Jötunheim in advance. He's such a sassy little drag queen.
Base for the wings was Northern Sparrowhawk, because I think they're pretty and I remember hearing that Freyja's bird-form bound to the cloak would've been a hawk. I'm not sure though, maybe it was just a bird.
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