fools and tricksters Picture

well, it wasn't my intention to put this up on april fools' day, but it seems oddly appropriate.

the kitsune is a fox spirit in japanese mythology, that (as i understand it) commonly takes the form of an attractive woman. another mythos deals with the tail of the kitsune splitting as it gets older/more powerful, and i think 9 is a significant number.

as for the coyote, i've always had an interest in native american mythology--as that and norwegian are the major bloodlines in my family--and the coyote is another trickster character, and i think is commonly potrayed as being male.

from what little i know of the separate myth sets, the characters are very similar. both spirits like practical jokes, both are known to help people by tricking foolish enemies, and both are known at times to be excessively vindictive. if they can save you by making a fool of someone else, they will do so, but beware: they do not help for love or mercy. all is in the game, and all the players may be prey.

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