Sea Witch Picture

Finally a new drawing for the myth collection, Forever and Never! I wanted to try my hand at something new, so I chose an interesting feminoid demon, something outside of my comfort zone.

Bet you guys didn't know that I could shade like that, didja? None of you have actually gone digging through my gallery, huh?
If you're interesting, I have quite a few more shaded grayscale drawings in my gallery, mostly under Forever and Never, but another of my best shaded drawings is on the front page of my profile.
Species: Sea Witch
Mythical Origin: Nordic/Greek
Class: Feminoid Demon/Subhuman- Chimearized Human
Alignment: Passive Evil
Elemnt: Water
Preferred Prey: Men and fish
POPQiz: Can anyone name an animted movie that stars a Sea Witch as the main villain?
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