Narnian Babies Picture

The Colored Pencil Phantom strikes again!!!

Aren't they so freakin' adorable?! This is my first time drawing small children, and I absolutely love them. The little faun kid is the best, in my opinion (Child favoritism? You betcha!), but the little dogwood dryad or whatever she is is pretty cute, too, though horribly disproportionate. It probably makes her cuter!

These were meant to be two separate uploads, but I discovered the the little fauny's grass invaded the dryadling's space, so I couldn't separate them.

... But I have discovered a wondrous little tactic called RIMLIGHT! You can sort of see it on the faun, but the scanner pretty much made hash of it. In person, it looks like a gentle sunbeam has come to rest on his back... ^^

Narnia (c) the man himself, Clive Staples Lewis
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