1Main issue for Loki at school Picture

If Loki and other Norse Gods went to school, what would be the one thing that would be completley normal for Norse deities to do? Obviously most of them would take weapons Odin would take Gugnir, Thor would take Mjollnir and others would take their own weapons. This would be expected but still not acceptable in the eyes of others- so they'd get into trouble for it but it's just something that would be expected from most of them so anyone teaching them (The Norn Sisters? Actually, Odin would probably teach, too) wouldn't give them more than a detention, I guess. Loki, however, wouldn't NEED to take in what would be considered a real weapon such as a sword. He'd just need to take in some Mistletoe and he'd probably be suspended (or SHOULD be)

I thought about adding Hod into the picture and saying that hanging around Hod to much and carrying Mistletoe around would get him expelled but when I finished Loki I had no space left.
I'm not poking fun at Loki, he's my favourite God. But Loki only needs a sprig of Mistletoe to cause chaos ^_^
I was also going to give him a blazer or something but it just wouldn't fit his character. Loki won't conform to virtually any rules so I suppose it wouldn't even occur to him to wear "correct school uniform" he'd proabably set the blazer on fire. Loki is supposed to be handsome and fair of face, forgive me if he looks too much like a girl. I always imagined him with long reddish hair though.
I tried to make him look a bit smug and crafty with a raised eyebrow. I also thought he'd have Green eyes so that his eyes and appearance seemed more bright, sharp and crafty (not that I think people with Green eyes are crafty, I just never imagined the other gods with green eyes and supposed that this difference would make him appear more sly in the eyes of most.) In some myths I've read his eyes change colour when he's up to something.
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