KAS Eien no Hyakki Yagyo: Prehistory Part 1 Picture


To kick off Yokai Month, I present you, the backstory. Starting from the VERY BEGININNG. Shangri La, after I switched the Legendary Weapons to True Sumer (an even Older Civ) hasn’t really contributed much to the Four Nations, being True Neutral and trying to keep to themselves. Crying Shame as all of the other nations has contributed SOMETHING. Even the Sultanate plays a major role in ’s arc and yet Shangri La has nothing. That shit ain’t fair.

So I had to remedy it.

So experimenting with Planar Travel and bringing Yokai into existence is the exact thing I can do to remedy that shit. For Shangri La, the story features a lot of Taoist and Buddhist themes namely incorporating the myth behind the Chinese Zodiac into the history of how Yokai are born.

Anyways, I guess I should explain Hitodama. Hitodama in Yokai mythology are simply human souls who appear as wandering fireballs. However there is myriad of fireball Yokai which look exactly the same and I figured since Yokai all require some sort of human sustenance, maybe I could tie this all together.

Hito Dama are souls (often Human) of which, due to enigma energies and the emotions behind their death, manifest in as drifting orbs of fire. In the story they could do nothing but drift, now in the advent of the ritual, they are now essentially ‘yokai seeds’ of which drift aimlessly until they are helped manifest into a new form. Often being influenced by powerful emotions and the collective human subconscious and dreams and belief. If enough people believe something exists it will exist (Betobeto-san and Yamabiko) if a location has a lot of anger or bloodshed, the land will reflect this in a murderous monster or revenant. Hito Dama is one of the key ingredients to making a Yokai, another human element is required to make them happen, as well as Enigmatic force and maybe other steps varying from Yokai to Yokai. Hito Dama is what causes new species of Yokai to emerge, as well as being the key ingredient to all matter of ‘Ghost’ and ‘Undead’ Yokai. Yokai can still reproduce with each other or humans to make more like them. This also ties into why Yokai need human sustenance in the form human ‘Dama’ (souls), human flesh, human belief, human fear, etc. Having their origins be so interwoven with that of humanity, they subconsciously desire and require human sustenance to allow them to ‘reclaim’ something all Yokai feel is missing. Sort of like why Zombies eat human flesh in Zombie movies.

The Hito Dama discovered by Shangri La were the remains of a lost civilization, and before Shangri La’s interference the Dama could do none of the Yokai creation outside of human-like Yokai from Magi who consume Dama. (A human consuming a human soul/human flesh leads to bad things people…unless you are of…’holy’ persuasion.) After Shangri La, you get the above situation.

So what comes next after Part 1? Well…

>The Birth of Orochi

>The Fall of the Nine Celestial Beasts.

>The Black Warrior arriving from the North West

>The Rise of the Four Guardians/Yokai Kings

All in Part 2: -a World Reborn-

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