Journal 5 -- Vegetable Lamb Picture

This is one of the pages for my myth final, the project I've been working on for a while. What I did was make a journal as if written by an ancient adventurer traveling through the world, meeting many mythological creatures along the way. Some of the pages have drawings, and I'll be scanning all of these pages.

This is the page describing him meeting the adorable Vegetable Lamb.

The writing says:
"As I walked along my Eastern path to-day, I was unfortunate enough to be caused to trip. However, the object that caused my fall was of such great interest that I soon forgot about the minor scrapes that I had received.

The thing was a plant, although it may have also been an animal. It grew from the ground in the shape not unlike a common weed. What was special about it, however, was the fact that from this weed, a small vine grew, and on the opposite end of this vine was a small, green Sheep. I called this thing a Vegetable Lamb because of its unusual nature; it being neither a plant nor an animal.

I plucked one of the creatures from the plant, hoping to take it with me, but unfortunately, it seems it is unable to survive apart from its vine, and it perished in my hand."
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