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Here's my little influence map! It took me a while to figure out what exactly has influenced my style, but here is most of it I guess. I'll be explaining each of these in further detail down below.

1. Pin up art/photos: I've always liked the 50's/60's, I love how the women are portrayed. The photos especially, being a fatty I love how not all the women are stick figures. And I like the fashion too, I shop at repro clothing stores quite a lot. Who can resist such gorgeous women anyway!
2. Shawn Barber is the man. I remember a while back when his foundation painting dvd came out on massive black, and this guy taught me a lot of stuff. His stuff makes me want to get better at realism. Also, I can't wait until I someday get the chance to get tattooed by him!
3. Music plays a huge part in my overall mood, and while I don't usually listen to music while working, I do get most of my ideas while listening to it. Suga Shikao here is probably the one that has given me the most ideas, and I do love his songs like no other.
4. Ayami Kojima made me start shading when I was a kid. Aria of Sorrow had such beautiful art, and to this day the game is still my favorite IGAvania. I can't help but love her girly men, and the way she uses textures in her paintings!
5. I read a lot of comics, most of it is admittedly manga of the romance/smut genre. I'm getting into western comics again, and western comics have always inspired me to draw more than eastern ones. With the one exception of Tsukasa Hojo, check out his City Hunter series if you haven't already! Great art, great story, lots of beautiful girls and actually manly men.
6. What can I say about Adam Hughes, he made me obsessed with drawing women! His rendition of Catwoman is my favorite, and ugh, just such gorgeous women! I love the way he draws faces, and I reference to him a lot, even though I try not to copy him, haha.
7. Andrew/Android Jones made me obsessed with conceptart when Metroid Prime first came out, I worked like mad at that game to get his brilliant concepts to show! Andrew paints like I would love to paint, but I'm so bad at mechanical stuff! His art never fails to impress me and he may just be the person I look up to the most art-wise.
8. Religion has always been a great source of inspiration, I simply love different religions! While I'm not religious in any way myself there's always so many interesting stories and such. Religion also tied deeply into the culture which I'm also very interested in. Religious architechture is often plenty beautiful and inspiring too!
9. Old cartoons. There's just something about them. From Thundercats to TMNT to hundreds of different not-so-well-known cartoons, I've been obsessed since I was a kid!
10. Art books, they're great when you're in need of a little inspiration. I've yet to get the R20 book over there, but I'm coming my love, as soon as I have the money!
11.Yuichi Kumakura is the bomb. Made my favorite manga ever (King of Bandit Jing), has absolutely stunning character design and wow, his paintings. Every time I pick up his art book or the KoBJ volumes I can't help but feel inspired by his creativity.
12.Concept art. What's there to say, I think I'm hooked.
13. Games. Games, games, games. While I do love newer games as well, I'll always be a retro gamer at heart. I also love the pre 64-era drawings of old nintendo games, the first two Zeldas being my favorite of the bunch. I can always feel the nostalgia rushing to my veins and I feel like I need to illustrate a grand saga or something. Nothing fancy though, just a simple journey to save the princess or something.
14. Body Modification and pushing one's body to the limit. To me every time I get a new piercing or a tattoo (or a scarification piece/implant) it's like shedding my old skin and being reborn (no matter how corny that sounds). I like to watch different types of body modification from tattoos and piercings to scarification and implants and heavier mods like subincision to ear shaping and amputation for example (google at your own risk). No matter how grossed out I get sometimes it's a great way to get inspired, and I've been heavily affected by the things I've seen.
15. Mythology goes hand in hand with religion and culture in many cases, but I decided to include it separately just in case. I'm not just interested in greek myths, but overall in different myths of the world. I have a soft spot for South-American native myths.

I've been influenced by the works of old masters too, like Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer's Silence, and artists like Alphons Mucha and Gustav Klimt.

I hope I gave you something new to get influenced by!
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