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​The world has become damned, every resource is almost scarred. We've become weak, but there's a secret going through everyone. They're all infected with some type of virus a creature had brought up into this beautiful planet we once called Earth.We didn't know what to do at first, it's the future and everything has changed ever since they had invaded out precious planet. Humans are becoming instinct, animals are becoming horrible hybrids we've never expect them to be. Most of all, there are creatures that infect us with their blood or so, making us humans become a human-being we never thought we could experience our selves as they were called mythology or just myths. We were forced to leave our planet due to the horrible things we've met. To save our race, we're all divided into District, depending what you're reliable for. Either if you're a Kids/teens between the ages of 12-18 are sent on a mission back to Earth to find valuable stuff for their Districts, 1-8. It's very dangerous and easy to get lost as well. They have prove they worthy and strong enough to go, but only SIXTEEN of them go, each charged with their own weapon of their choice. They're known to be called, "Aberrant Seekers." Each sixteen A.S(s) are taken to the Capitol for a total of one week to just train and learn how to survive back in Earth. Each are also given a tracker that's around their ankle.

Aberrant Seekers - Tributes that go into the Capitol to train for a week and will go back to Earth to try finding valuable stuff for their Districts, they have to keep together at all time to protect themselves. ​
Tracker - It's around their ankle where it keeps tract of where they're at. If the A.S is down for more than five minutes, it will start beeping and so on, it gets louder and louder through out the time the A.S is still down, sending signals to the others to help him/her. Which can be dangerous for the mutations that can around.

​District 1 - Space Shuttle Enforcement 1 - Are known to be the wealthiest of all, they each resemble their District by having light fair skin with beautiful black or blonde hair along with blue-green eyes - . Where their living area is like a city with amazing houses such as flats.

​District 2 - Space Shuttle Enforcement 2 - Cropping - There might not be enough light for them, but they try their best everyday. Known to be hard working and probably the second wealthiest group of District. Resembling brown-blonde hair, mostly all having blue or gray eyes with light-olive skin of a mixture. Mostly like a farm like country side style for their living style.

​District 3 - Space Shuttle Enforcement 3 - Breeding - They breed of what's left of the animals - Resembling olive skin with beautiful brown eyes with a mixture of hazel-green iris'. As well country side living style with farms and barns.

​District 4 - Space Shuttle Enforcement 4 - Neighborhood living environment. Resembling dark hair with mixtures of dirty/faint blondes, eyes with green/blue eyes.

​District 5 - Space Space Shuttle Enforcement 5 - Neighborhood living environment. Resembling mostly all the 'surfers' of what's made to be a 'beach'..odd yes. Fishing District. Weaving and much more. Resembling copper hair and blonde hair with a mixture of copper, green eyes and few gray.

​District 6 - Space Shuttle Enforcement 6 - Textile - They mostly do all the work of textiles and such to invent blueprints and much more. Resembling brown hair only, few dark haired ones with brown/hazel eyes.

​District 7 - Space Shuttle Enforcement 7 - Mining - Miners are known to the most hard working ones of all Districts. Mostly males run the Generations, fwe females. It's very rare for a female to appear in the family lines. Resembling blonde/copper like hair with hazel-green eyes.

​District 8 - Space Shuttle Enforcement 8 - Capitol. Riches District, Wealthy and most all. Powerful. They demand these missions the teens and kids are sent to back to Earth. Also living in a city like area. Resembling all types.


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