:Icarus: Picture

hokay- so a couple of days ago there was a science fair at my school. me 'n Darth Revan 96 n' wolf-fenris 'n elvengirlSF were there. me 'n revie were near each other and wolfie and elfie were near each other, but the 2 groups were far apart. to make things worse- we weren't allowed to leave our projects!!!!! so what did we do? we drew.

i was thinking of this one song i had heard about Icarus (from greek mythology) and i started to draw this pic.. then i'm like "man i totally suck at this, maybe revie will help" so i ask revie to fix my horrible attempt at drawing. she did of course and it was sooooo awesome! i came home then and inked the pic. this is the outcome!!! i decided to name him icarus from the song and the myth^^
i personally like that he doesn't have a shirt on*wink*

hope ya'll like it^^

pic (c) me 'n revie (i did wings and head and she did arms and legs)
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