In Winter's Grip Picture

This is something I did in class today. We were doing these big charcoal drawings.

Anyway I'm looking at mythology at the moment, and I found this Scottish myth about Beira the winter queen and how she kept a captive princess called Bride. In this picture Bride has been sent to wash a sheep's fleece in the river when she meets Father Winter. He gives her a bunch of snowdrops and tells her to tell Beira that spring is coming (or words to that effect).

Beira is of course very angry and creates lots of storms and blizzards and the like. But to cut a long story short, Bride marries Beira's son Angus and they become the summer king and queen - bringing summer back to Scotland and sending Beira back to the Land of Youth where she regains her strength and eventually comes back bringing winter in all it's force. But of course summer's there to balance it out again.

And that's how the seasons came to be folks! It's a really good story - you can read the whole thing here [link]

I'll be using it for my final piece and this is some experimental drawing I was doing to get started!
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