Thor and the Snake of Midgard Picture

Thor and the Snake of Midgård
(watercolour pencils on paper, enhanced with water)

This work was originally part of my portfolio at the second course of Arts back at high school. One of the themes we could use was illustrating a myth, and being a viking fan I am, I decided to choose the final battle and the apocalypse of the Scandic mythology, Ragnarök. In Ragnarök, the god of thunder Thor battles with Midgårdsormr, the giant snake that had been lying curled around the human world Midgård before the battle, and manages to slay it. However, after he has taken three steps, he collapses and dies to the snake's venom.
I like watercolour pencils very much and the appearance of this picture as well - except for two things. My array of colours was very limited, which led to the background being too light to look dramatic, and Thor turned out in this picture... somehow odd. Especially his face seems a little distorted. However, I can forgive myself this because on the other hand the snake looks just about as I imagined it to be
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