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"Let no one say that he wouldn’t have fallen down the path that he did if someone had noticed and stopped, if Ker hadn’t interfered, if if if. What was fated was fated, and so on and so forth; if the Fates had decided that Thanatos would spiral into a rampage of rampage and torture, then he was damn well going to regardless of what did happen and what didn’t."

You can probably tell from this that Thanatos is a villain. He’s also severely mentally unstable, very homophobic (which comes from years of repressed homosexuality!) and very violent. If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, Thanatos is the god of death, and he is here, too. However, Greek myth and my canon state that Thanatos is god of GENTLE death— well, this twisted fuck-up wasn’t happy with that boring title. He ended up taking matters into his own hands.

I love him a lot but it’s important to mention that no one should sympathize with him. He’s fucked up in the head, and he’s fucked up from parts of his childhood, BUT HE IS A DANGEROUS SERIAL KILLER AND SHOULD. NOT. BE. SYMPATHIZED.WITH. EVER.

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