The Cosmic Climber 2 Picture

The world is always been filled with science, though some has spilt over the brim and lost to the tales of myth and magic.
Tales of wizards and gods and a tree bearing worlds that surpass our own imaginations have been shared by all cultures.
From the Norse of the West, to the Hindus of the East and the Native Peoples of the new world, they knew of the True Existence.

The spirit elders of each race took note of the different attributes that pertained to them, but yet it was always the same beings,
particularly one who brought the life of magic back to our sleeping science and refilled our Earth's cup back to the brim.
Through the power within his physical form, he transcends what is "possible" by sharing an art the regionals that rekindles the same magic within our mortal bodies.

Written by Caleb Michalski
Model: Caleb Michalski

Photography & Editing: W. Abercrombie Photography


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