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Okay, first thing? Near impossible to find a decent category
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Anyway, this is one of the pages of my art coursework for this year - the entire thing isn't completed, I've got four weeks next term to do so, but I'm putting up what I have now.

Okay, to start with - the title I chose was 'myth and religion', because I'm a mythology nut. So, I ended up with Norse mythology, narrowed it down to the whole baldr/hod/loki/mistletoe exchange, and then narrowed it down further to one Norse poem from the poetic edda, Baldrs Draumar, or Baldr's dreams. Now, wikipedia can probably do a better job of explaining it than I can, but whatever. This page illustrates the first stanza of the 14 stanza poem -

(translation from [link])

Once were the gods | together met,
And the goddesses came | and council held,
And the far-famed ones | the truth would find,
Why baleful dreams | to Baldr had come.

So this is Baldr and his baleful dreams, hence the head-clutching. As these dreams power the narrative, I thought they deserved a page of their own.

The media I used: This piece is composed of two layers. The bottom layer is paper, painted with acrylic in which I stuck pieces of broken glass. I then painted over the top some of the glass, as well. The top layer is done in good old-fashioned dip-pen and ink. I then pieced the two together in photoshop and did some technical trickery to make it look visually comprehensible.

More pages to come!
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