Fakemon - Coteo Picture

The more I think about this one, the more I like it. It's supposed to fill the "Jynx niche" that Jynx filled in Generation I--a powerful (though Basic) Psychic female Pokemon. Keep on reading--this one's a cool one.

Coteo (PSYCHIC), the "Mother" Pokemon, is a Pokemon so rare it could almost be called legendary. It lingers around dark forests and ancient ruins, appearing only to children who have lost their way at crossroads or forks, beckoning for the child to give up their mortal lives and join the dead. It is believed that Entom (tentative name) used to be the children of Coteo, and upon its death Coteo grew so engulfed in rage and jealousy towards all successful mothers that it devoted the rest of its existence to ruining their lives by stealing their children.

Coteo uses powerful special attacks in combat, such as Psychic, Psywave, Ominous Wind, or Shadow Ball. Despite being a pure Psychic-type, it learns a handful of Ghost attacks, and can also wield attacks such as Bite, Poison Fang, Fire Fang, and Torment. It carries abilities that make it impervious to physical attacks, due to its stone body.

Coteo was once believed to be the master of the Snake Trio; however, it was later discovered that there is not one Coteo, but several, and this myth was discredited.


So, in essence, Coteo is a mysterious Pokemon that steals lost children at forks in the road. It's a little hard to see in this picture, but Coteo is shaped almost like a chair with a brooding person sitting in it, wearing a hat and skirt made of snakes. An additional, ethereal pair of arms come from the sides of her skirt, and it is those that she uses when the use of hands is needed.

I based Coteo heavily off of the Aztec goddesses Cihuacoatl and Coatlicue, the latter of whom gave birth to the moon, stars, and the god of the sun. Both are known as "snake women," and Cihuacoatl represents mid-wives, whereas Coatlicue represents monstrous wives who die in childbirth. In Aztec mythology, one of Cihuacoatl's sons, Mixloatl, was abandoned by her at a crossroads, and whenever she returned to the fork, all she would find would be a sacrificial knife. She and her underlings were thought then to haunt crossroads and steal children.

Coteo's name is pretty much a shortened version of "Coatlicue," with slight hints of the common Aztec suffix "-coatl," to allude to its former position as master of the Snake Trio (our made-up version's mascot legendaries). I particularly based Coteo's design off of this statue of Coatlicue: [link]

As a card, Coteo would be a Psychic card whose Pokemon Power involves Entom (tentative name), a ghost child Pokemon my roommate came up with. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure Coteo would serve as a support card.

Coteo (c) Me
Entom (tentative name) (c) My Roommate
Pokemon (c) Nintendo)
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