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Hey people. I dont really know why i am putting this on the here, coz i can i guess. This was my major thing for Ancient History at the end of last term. Its totally meh and probably not worth reading. One thing that makes me lol about it though, is because i did my task this way, the rest of the class now has to do the very same thing but with a different point/subject in history. Lols to making more work for other people.

Things To know:
• What The Characters Names Mean
Brina – Name of a girl – Protector

Caitir – ‘’ – Pure, Unsullied

Rhoswen – ‘’ – White Rose

Ea – Name of a boy – Fire

• How to read the words in Gaelic – Gaelic to English
Fear céile (far kay-la) – Husband

Cailíní (Cal-een-ee) – Girls

Cairde – Friends

Clainne (Clawn klenn-a) – Grandchildren

Clann – Children
Deartháir (dra-har) – Brother
Deirfiúracha – Sisters
Gariníon (Gar-in-een) – Granddaughter
Iníon – Daughter
Muintir – Parents, Children, Relation ships
Páiste – Child
Seanmháthair (shan-vhaw-here) – Grandmother
Teachglach – Family, House Hold, Extended Family
Treibh – Clan, Tribe

• Points of Information/Facts
There are approximately 140 different facts within this story give or take.

• The Time Line – In the order it is told in the story
• 390 – Celts invaded Italy and sacked Rome
• 4th century – Looked at by their neighbours as one of the great peripheral nations in the world
• 300 – Romans began to try to stop druidism
• 3rd century, 279 – Celts plundered Delphi
• 225 – Celts heavily defeated in battle
• 191 – Northern Italy subdued
• End 2nd century – Caesar destroyed druidism
• 58 – Started his conquest to defeat Celtic civilisation
• 55-54 – Invaded Britain
• 50 – Finally defeated the Celtic civilisation
• 1st century – Julius Caesar defeated Gaul
• 43 – Claudius invaded Britain – took 40 years to defeat
• 43 – Destroyed the druids
• 4th – Remaining druids converted to Christianity
• 401 – The time in which the story is set
• 410/476-800 – The Dark Ages
• 14th- 18th – Burning times.

• Sources of Information
• An Introduction to Celtic Mythology by David Bellingham
• Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend by Miranda J. Green
• The World Encyclopaedia – C-CH, D, Q-R
• Preliminary Course – 3rd Edition – Antiquity 1 – Past Perspectives
• For internet sources you will have to ask me for the folder of them because there are to many to list
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