Fenrir Picture

Kind of a reference for Fenrir, one of the main antagonists from WOLF10.
Fenrir works for Ragnarok, as do the twins Skoll and Hati.

Some of you probably recognise the names from Norse mythology, I'd go into it more but I'll leave it to you to look up XD (basically I'm too tired to be bothered to tell you /shot)

So anyway, the main thing with WOLF10 is now gonna be that things that shouldn't exist (stuff from myths, monsters etc.) start existing, like Kalli (immortals shouldn't really exist either)
This was caused when a Hellhound escaped from Hell (aka the same one that took Kalli's eye out) and then began to evolve in the new world it was emersed in, awakening other ancient and mystical beings.
The Hellhound became Fenrir and now works for Ragnarok, not because he wants to, but because he has nothing better to do.
Also this explains why Fenrir has an eyepatch covering his left eye, it's Kalli's eye from the transplant.
If the bad guys win, Fenrir will take on his true form and Loki will be released from his prison. This is Norse mythology... with a Kai-twist >3

Also, yesterday I saw an absolutely amazing waist coat type thing earlier, which I wanted a reason to buy for.
My reason: It's Fenrir's waist coat, so I'll cosplay as him!
This also gives me an excuse to wear fangs, claws, ears and a tail |3

Sorry that was so long! But errrr.. hugs if you read it all!
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