I - The Insubordinate Picture

Part of the ancient myths, as opposed to the "future" myth-related painting I posted earlier.
Hmmm, does he look a bit familiar? ;o
I don't know what his ancient name is yet, but I do know his current name: Altoid Reuben Schneider. He's been living in Hollywood for the past ten or fifteen years, and I see him quite often. He's a great guy once you get to know him, but he's unfortunately somewhat "special" if you get my drift. Like his ancient counterpart, he has no qualms about forceful displays of sexuality (surprise sex anyone?) and often goes into uncontrollable fits of rage.
Eons ago, he was the least favorite son of Sojar, banished to a remote tropical island near what is now Florida, which explains his present location. He is a foul combination of several swamp creatures, having the characteristics of a white gator, mosquito, and centipede.
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